love this place!!! Butter Pecan is delicious and my daughters love the Superman ice cream. A must go when on the island.~Tina Bennet Fields
Super good ice cream and choclates, who doesnt like that. Was very busy.~Annonymous
No Better Fudge - We get pounds and pounds of this fudge (for ourselves AND for gifts) every year. It can't be beat.~Kathleen Mahoney
Hubby and I decided to head over here for coffee after a not-so-good experience at another local coffee shop. Were we glad we did!! The coffee was good, (white mochas for both of us) and I loved that they served it with a white chocolate coated spoon. Very decadent. We also got shakes, which were heavy on the ice cream and very good. The pralines are very rich and delicious, and the whate/milk chocolate coated nutter butter made a basic cookie a gourmet treat. The staff, while young, were very pleasant. In fact, the young lady who was making the fudge actually took the time to explain what makes their fudge different, and gave me a trick to try at home to make it smooth and creamy. A definite must-go location! ~Dennis
best fudge on the island, best candy treats, and best ice cream, hands down. try to get in there when the owner (steve) is making the fudge; he flips it up with the paddle so high that sometimes it hits the ceiling. its like ice cream and a show!!~Tellnolies